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Before contacting me, please understand I am already overloaded working with the people in my videos. I currently cannot help anyone outside the people I’m already working with.

I am, however, working on a way for you guys to reach out for help. So stay tuned…

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If you are a brand or individual who would like to work with me, please fill out this form.


Get ahold of Knate.

If you know someone in my videos and are trying to contact them, or I have helped you before and would like to contact me, use the form below.

Please do not contact me to pay your bills or come to your state and help you. I am just one guy doing the best I can.

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How It Works?

You can choose to gift both pairs of any product by specifying the quantity that you want to gift for any specific product. You just need to specify the gifted quantity and that’s all. You will not be charged for the shipping cost of gifted products.